Summer Linens

Semaphore skirt – old

thin material that always

fit just right – waving

the proclamation

of a new state of mind – bright

transparent in the sun,

I am my own.



I haven’t been writing, so I just sort of jotted this little poem down about what I’m wearing and how I’m feeling today 🙂

I’ve been thinking more on the high rise of my life and of something else that poet Cavalieri said in the session. She said that she writes about Trenton, NJ and Italian culture because that is who she is and that is where she comes from. Some of the best poetry comes from what you know best. I find that I hardly write about my culture though it really did shape the person I am today. So I’m thinking of writing a series of poems that pertain to some of the floors in my high rise life that really show just what being me (a Latina/Chicana/Mexican American) in the West side of San Antonio was like. I haven’t dug into that part of my life poetically before. Hope it produces something of which I can truly be proud.