A recipe for one fucked up week

Day 2

A recipe for one fucked up week
You need the following dry ingredients:

Four fat packets of unspeakable traffic,
best if organic and unreported.
Three unscheduled two-hour meetings to discuss nothing
absolutely nothing important whatsoever
(you may substitute with email but
add a tablespoon of spamware for similar results)
A compact cup of cancelled plans ,
look for the petty brand, it’s the chef’s favorite

And the following wet ingredients:
A generous gallon of leakage in the middle
of your kitchen ceiling.
A brilliant cup of coffee
spilled on your cream colored suit you secretly
knew it’s a nice thing you can’t have
16 ounces of grandiose tears either from
school yard fights, a broken heart or PMS,
whichever you have on hand.
And finally as a topping,
make a glaze out of a
drizzle of unsolicited advice
with a sprinkling of what you
thought was the snooze button
but it was actually the off button.

Dump all ingredients together in one bowl.
Mix them together with vigor using your hands
No need to make it smooth. It tastes better
when everything is not well incorporated.
Stick the bowl into a preheated oven at 450 degrees
because I know you misplaced your cake pan. Again.
Bake until your week falls
deliciously apart into a hot mess with the slightest poke

– Alejandra Garza

NaPoWriMo – “here is our prompt (as always, optional). Today, I’d like you to write a poem inspired by, or in the form of, a recipe! It can be a recipe for something real, like your grandmother’s lemon chiffon cake, or for something imaginary, like a love potion or a spell.”

Poetics Aside – “For today’s prompt, write a “not today” poem. Maybe it’s normal to give in to outside pressures, but not today. Or maybe you’re usually very disciplined in your health and wellness habits, but not today. Or maybe you struggle to write poems, but not today.”

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