About me:

Nocturnal writer...

My name is Alejandra, and I am first-generation Mexican-American, born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Women’s Studies from Boston University.

I currently live along the lower Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, and I work in nonprofit association management.

I am an INFJ

Aside from writing, I like to dance, read, make jewelry, and sketch.

I’ve created this site specifically to interact with those that love poetry. Anything else you want to know contact me agarza at alum dot bu dot edu



About the blog’s URL:

Red Petals by Alexander Calder 1942

I was first introduced to the work of Alexander Calder as a child, when I decided I would read the encyclopedia that my parents placed in my room after I asked for a television! From the first volume of that encyclopedia, letter A, I discovered, among many subjects: Africa, Amazon, astronomy, ancient civilizations, and art. Under “Art” there was Calder. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my young life. I’ve yet to see “Red Petals” in person, but I have been fortunate enough to have seen much of Calder’s other work.

When I write a poem, I hope to make it as beautiful as Red Petals.


3 responses to “About

    • Are you just now reading my “About” section? And hey, we’ve got something in common other than poetry and being Latino! I’ve tested as an INFJ on the Myers Briggs test a few times already…I like being part of the small percentage of people that are INFJ and I like being weird…
      Here is a more academic document of an INFJ description: http://www.purdue.edu/usp/pdfs/mbtiresources/INFJ.pdf

      • No I’m not just now reading this. But I never bothered trying to figure out what INFJ was. And I like being weird too.

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